Faqs from folks

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How Did You Find Me?
    A. We found you by searching for properties at your County Tax Assessor’s office. We ran a search for land that meets our buying criteria. Every county in the USA is required to keep information on the owner of every single property within its borders. They do this so they know who to send the tax bill to each year. We searched the county records and found your property there.
  2. Why Do You Want To Buy My Property? What Will You Do With It?
    A. We buy property that fits a certain set of criteria desirable to our list of buyers. It might be the view, the location, the access, the size, how close (or far) it is to the nearest town, etc. We have a large list of buyers and we ask them what they want and search for multiple properties that fit their requirements. Then, we acquire that property from owners who want to cash out and sell it to our buyer.
  3. How Did You Come Up With Your Offer Price?
    A. We look at several factors: recently sold comparable properties, listed properties and how long it takes for them to sell, assessor’s value, our buyer’s budget, etc. We know you might be able to get more for your property if you listed it with a Real Estate Agent and tried to sell it at a full retail price. However, those listings often sit for months, and sometimes years, and then when it does sell, even if YOU find the buyer, you must pay Realtor commissions. Our pricing ensures we can buy your property fast and get your money to you quickly.
  4. Who is Behind Your Company?
    A. We are a small, family owned business of a father and two sons. It’s been our dream to work together and we all love our roles in the company. JT Taylor, the dad, has worked as a business consultant and team builder for over 20 years. His area of focus is overall leadership of the business and sales. He is the company’s Sales Manager. Jameson is newly married and is finishing his degree in Business from Columbia College and is in charge of data analysis and acquisitions. He is the company’s Acquisitions Manager. Jacob is the company’s marketing genius. He works with social media and ensures our buyers are happy. He is the company’s Marketing Manager.We are happy to answer ANY questions you have. We want to make sure you feel confident moving forward selling or buying property with us. Just give us a call. We are members of a network of land re-sellers with over 16,000 land transactions under our belts. So, we know what we are doing and are backed by the most knowledgeable people in this field.
  5. How Long is This Offer Good For?
    A. Our offers are typically good for 6 months. However, we will buy properties from offers that are years and years old. We just need to update the pricing. So, if you are not ready or even want to sell your property right now, go ahead and hold onto our offer. File it in a safe place, because there might come a time when you need cash fast, or are simply done with paying property taxes year after year for something you are probably not using. At that point pull out the offer, dust it off and give us a call. We will take a fresh look at it and see what we can do to get a check in your hand fast.


  1. Why Is Your Land So Inexpensive?
    A. We buy our land from owners who by and large are tired of paying taxes or may have no use for the property any longer. They just want to cash out and get their money fast. So, we end up purchasing properties at a discount. We are not interested in holding onto all the properties we buy for a long period of time. We want to buy it fast, hold it only for a short time, and sell it fast. Because of that, we price our property really low to make sure when you buy a property from us, you are getting a smoking hot deal. We do this because we know that hot deals move fast, and our buyers love our wholesale prices.
  2. Can I Really Buy This Land With A Credit Card Right Now?
    A. Yes. We operate on a first come, first served basis with our properties. We talk to tons of interested buyers and we don’t know who the tire kickers are and who the serious buyers are. Either way, we are happy to answer any and all questions. But the first one who puts down the deposit ($1,000 via the property description page) is the one who gets it. The rest of the funds are to be sent into the Title Company within 7 days to complete the purchase of the property.
  3. How and When Do I Get The Deed?
    A. The Title Company processes ALL the paperwork. They take care of filing the deed with the Country Recorder. As part of their service, they will send the deed to you. Sometimes this happens within a week or two, sometimes it takes 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the county. But either way, you can start enjoying the property with our permission as soon as you make the deposit.
  4. Do I Have To Physically Go To The Property To Buy It?
    A. No. You’ve got the legal description and everything we know about the property right there in the description. So it is not required to for you to go. If you WANT to go, you are welcome to. Just understand that we operate on a first come, first served basis and once we sell the property we can no longer give permission, since the property will have a new owner and not be available for purchase.
  5. What If I Don’t Like The Property After I Buy It? Can I Get a Refund?
    A. We give you everything we know about the property in the listing. There is a very good chance we have never set foot on the property or seen it ourselves, since we typically purchase property without going out to visit each one personally. If you have any questions about the property please do your own research. If we know something about the land, we let you know right in the description on our website. So, once the land is purchased, there are no refunds.* However, our properties are priced so low that if you want to resell it yourself it would likely sell fast. In fact, we have a number of buyers that purchase our land to do just that – resell it themselves and make a nice profit.*If you join our VIP Buyer’s List, then you get an automatic 30 day full property exchange guarantee.