Selling To Us

Selling To Us – How It Works

You most likely received a letter from us offering to buy your property. The process is easy, fast and secure with no hassles. You get the money for your property quickly, and there are no Real Estate Agents involved, no lending requirements (we pay all cash) and the purchase goes through a Title Company to ensure everything is properly purchased and transferred legally and cleanly.

Here is the process:

Step 1: Call Us Or Mail Back The Signed Purchase Agreement

Sign the Purchase Agreement we sent you and either fax it back to us or send it through regular mail. If you want to talk with us for any reason, just give us a call. We will answer all your questions. You can also find many answers on our FAQ page. Sometimes there are things about your property that make it difficult, or impossible to sell. In many cases we can solve those problems.

Step 2: Title Work Completed

We send the Purchase Agreement to the Title Company near your property. The title agents then go to work on securing all the documents and paperwork needed to process the transfer legally. Back taxes are cleared (if any), correct ownership is determined and validated, chain of title is researched and title insurance is secured. The Title Company does all this work so you don’t have to. The process typically takes 45 days, sometimes sooner.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Check

The Title Company has you come by their office (or if you live far away from the property you are selling, they send you the documents via FedEx, or have you come to a Title Company near you) and sign the documents and pick up your check. It’s that easy. Then, go deposit your check and enjoy the cash! By the way, the price on your Purchase Agreement is the FULL amount you will receive. We take care of all the fees involved.

So, fax the Purchase Agreement to (213) 234-4536 or give us a call right now. You can reach us at these numbers:

JT – (817) 678-6160          Jameson – (817) 435-4433            Jacob – (817) 835-8787